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Commuting and Virtual meetings

Covid has fundamentally changed the way we think and work. With the obligation to telework, there's a lack of social contact, but we also realise the benefits it can bring: time saving due to less commuting, less stress and fatigue, a better work-life balance and it is more ecological!


If we work from home one day a week for a year, we emit 5.64 kg of CO2e. If we compare this figure with the amount of CO2e emitted over a period of one year, for a 30 km car journey from home to work one day a week, this amounts to 329 kg of CO2e. 

According to a study by ADEME*, by working from home one day a week for one year, we can reduce the amount of CO2e emitted by 271 kg per person! 
To have a correct comparison we must take into account other elements that have a negative CO2e impact: the unavoidable journeys that are normally on the way to work (e.g. shopping, school) and an increase in the use of video-conferencing and  household energy consumption. New journeys are also added with new hobbies, as a result of a better work-life balance. 
The impact of the above is completely counterbalanced by an important point: companies will need less space, as not all employees will be in the office and they will be able to offer 'flexible office' solutions.

The labour market will never be the same again. Most companies are preparing for a future in which teleworking will become "normal". This will have a positive effect on the company, the employees, but also on the environment!

Telework also gives us a different view on business travels. 

A conference abroad for which a one-hour flight is necessary emits 200 kg of CO2e - and that is without taking into account accommodation, extra distances, etc. 

If we compare this impact with that of a 4-hour virtual conference, which emits only 240 g of CO2 (830 times less!), it is clear that videoconferencing could have a great impact on climate protection. Also, videoconferencing saves you time and money.


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