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Act Local

Do you want to make a local contribution by supporting a climate initiative closer to home?

Greentripper supports a sustainable project in Belgium, France and the UK, in partnership with Soil Capital. This local project supports farmers in the transition to a more profitable and regenerative agriculture.

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Support farmers in Belgium, France and UK

Agriculture accounts for 10% of global annual GHG emissions and without careful management it can have severe long-term implications for biodiversity, ecosystem services, and food security.

Regenerative agriculture projects generate carbon certificats by building carbon into the soil. This stored carbon constitutes the humus, and therefore the fertility of our soils.

Soil Capital has developed a decision support and reward platform for regenerative transitions, called mySoilCapital. It enables farmers to calculate their carbon impact and to act on it. They compare their costs, while giving companies in the agri-food sector the means to enable large-scale regenerative transitions with their producers, finally reconciling the economic and environmental performance of farms.

Consult our project sheet for more information.
A Soil Capital project

Through this program, farmers benefit from technical support and earn financial rewards for farming practice change that results in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and removals.

While contributing financially to this climate project, you support farmers in the transition to a more profitable and regenerative agriculture.

Soil Capital's ambition is to support farmers in the transition of one million hectares to more profitable and regenerative agriculture by 2025.