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Act Glocal

Act global by contributing for 100% of the CO2e-emissions from your trip through a climate project in a developing country. And go beyond your certified global contribution, by making a local contribution and supporting a climate initiative closer to home.

With your carbon contribution, you support a certified climate project in a developing country, enabling them to reduce, avoid, or sequester the same amount of CO2e emissions as generated during your journey. In addition to your certified carbon contribution, a portion will be allocated to a European environmental project.
Support farmers in Belgium, France and UK

Soil Capital has developed a decision support and reward platform for regenerative transitions, called mySoilCapital. It enables farmers to certify their carbon and compare their costs, while giving companies in the agri-food sector the means to enable large-scale regenerative transitions with their producers, finally reconciling the economic and environmental performance of farms.

Through this program, farmers benefit from technical support and earn financial rewards for farming practice change that results in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and removals.

By contributing financially to this project, you support farmers in the transition to a more profitable and regenerative agriculture.

Learn more about this project here.
Plant for climate and biodiversity

By planting locally and reforesting areas in Belgium that have been affected by climatic events or pests, you sequester carbon emissions, provide shade for animal and enhance local biodiversity. Biodiversity ensures clean air, fresh water, good soil quality and the pollination of crops. It helps to combat and adapt to climate change and reduces the impact of natural disasters. Some of the forest management is PEFC certified, guaranteeing a high level of sustainability.

PlantC is a partner of the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium, an organisation founded in 1893 that is a historical reference for the protection and sustainable management of forests.

For more information, visit their website.
Plant trees with impact

Trees are vital and they need our unconditional care and protection. They give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and they provide habitat for numerous species of fauna and flora. Also, trees prevent flooding and erosion and help fill the soil with nutrients needed for agriculture.

Together with our sister company Go Forest, we want restore nature by planting the right kind of trees in environments where they have the most positive effects on biodiversity, carbon storage, employment, livelihood, and local economy.

Learn more about this project here.
Clean rivers

Every year, 11 billion kilograms of plastic pollution ends up in the ocean. A big part of this pollution flows into our oceans via rivers. The presence of plastic in the environment can have grave consequences for ecosystems. Our goal is to remove the plastic before it ever arrives.

Together with River Cleanup, you free our rivers and riverbanks of waste with helping hands and smart technologies while changing people’s behaviour.

Learn more about this project here.
Support sustainable development through education

GoodPlanet develops and supervises projects, provides training and designs educational material on all themes related to sustainable development. 50 competent employees and a dozen volunteers get involved every day with passion and in the four corners of Belgium to encourage everyone to live more sustainably. Every year, its educational employees raise awareness among more than 300,000 pupils.

For more information, visit their website.
Support local citizen initiatives

Today, faced with the need to take care of our planet, citizen initiatives are multiplying in our country. To encourage and make these varied initiatives possible, the Be Planet Foundation raises funds from those who want to contribute directly and positively to the transformation of our society. Thus we support these local, innovative and sustainable projects that have a positive and concrete impact on the environment.

Learn more about this project here.
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