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GreenTripper for you
Greentripper for you

Greentripper is for active people with a heart for nature.
Greentripper neutralizes the CO2 impact of your trip. We give you all guarantees for concrete actions on climate.
As we travel to enjoy the pleasures of nature we also sadly contribute to the disruption of our climate in charge of the delicate regulation of our ecosystems.

Greentripper is for people wanting to give back to nature what it is giving us.

Greentripper works with different Africa based NGOs on CO2 reduction climate projects. We are advised by CO2logic, a leading climate advisory organisation. The development of CO2 reduction projects (mainly in Africa) is only possible with the support of your CO2 contributions. It is true, for climate it is better not to take the plane, but if you do take the plane it is better to support a climate project than to do nothing at all.

To thank you to offset your trip:
  1. You will receive a personal e-certificate (with your name or the name of your company)
  2. We will keep you informed about the climate projects you helped (through our e-newsletter)
  3. You will receive an e-card you can share on social media to inspire your friends

If you are a company? A travel agency ? A travel website ? A hotel or B&B ?


Place on your website this calculator to encourage your employees, your customers and suppliers to compensate their emissions. You only have to fill in the form below and we’ll send you all the details you need. After successful implementation & transactions you’ll received the “Greentripper climate partner” logo.

If you need help to calculate your organisation’s footprint, contact us at info@co2logic.com (in the EU) or USA@co2logic.com (in the Americas)

If you have improvement ideas for our calculator, don't hesitate to contact us also by email info@greentripper.org