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How do you work with companies?
Travel agencies that want to integrate the concerns of their customers regarding the climate impact of their trip, find a credible and concrete solution at Greentripper.
CO2 offsetting is one of the solutions for reducing CO2 emissions from travel. Greentripper works together with tourism professionals to calculate and offset the impact of travel on the environment.
Are you a company that wants to limit the environmental impact of your employees?
  1. Inform your employees about greenhouse gas emissions from transport: not only air travel but also the commute from home to work with a company car, for instance.
  2. Opt for tele- and video-conferencing rather than plane travel. You will save time and money and it will be better for the environment too. However, some trips cannot be avoided, we can help you neutralise the environmental impact of air travel of your employees and to fund projects through CO2 compensation. Contact us and we will guide you: info@greentripper.org.
  3. For accommodation, you can choose a hotel that is committed to the environment.
Are you a company or travel agency that wants to act at the local level as well?
We can propose a combined offer:

In addition to supporting our Gold standard certified CO2 offsetting projects, you have an opportunity to support sustainable (albeit not certified) projects on Belgian territory.

For more information, contact us at info@greentripper.org