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Why Greentripper?

Why offset with Greentripper?
  • CO2 offsetting through Greentripper is credible, fast and easy.
  • Greentripper supports only independently certified climate projects. We guarantee that your investment will be correctly allotted and will really make a contribution towards solving urgent global climate change issues.
  • Greentripper is an initiative of CO2logic, a reliable, trustworthy organisation with more than 12 years of experience in climate consulting and the development of climate projects.
  • You offset your emissions by investing in sustainable climate projects in developing countries that improve the living conditions of the local populations.
Can I trust Greentripper to offset my impact on the climate?
  1. Greentripper works together with CO2logic for CO2 compensation. CO2logic is certified by Forum ETHIBEL. This certification guarantees, among other things, that each tonne of CO2 sold is equal to each tonne invested and that CO2logic complies in particular with the additionality of the proposed projects and the reliability of the offset projects.

  2. When you offset your emissions through the Greentripper calculator, you get a certificate that attests to the CO2 neutrality of your trip. The CO2-Neutral Travel label is contained in this certificate. CO2logic and the independent third party Vinçotte cooperate in the certification of the ‘CO2-Neutral Label’ based on the ‘PAS 2060’, the first recognised international standard for CO2 neutrality.

  3. Greentripper and CO2logic work with climate projects that meet the most stringent international standards such as the Gold Standard and Plan Vivo.
    The projects are examined annually to ensure that their impact on climate change is truly effective. Carbon credits are issued in this certified system per tonne of CO2 actually reduced. These credits are placed in a register and withdrawn once they are sold, to ensure that they are sold only once.

    Once the project has been audited, it is issued its certification, and every tonne of CO2 saved is booked and traceable. This process is called carbon crediting. Each carbon credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide reduced or absorbed by a climate project.
    These credits are called "Verified Emission Reductions" (VERs). The monitoring is verified by internationally recognised independent offset auditors such as DNV, TÜV or SGS. The auditors are appointed and inspected by the Gold Standard, for example, or by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). These audit offices verify whether a project is implementing and operating in accordance with a particular set of rules, known as a "standard."

How can I be sure that a CO2 reduction has actually taken place?
Greentripper issues an offset certificate which bears the unique certification number of the CO2-Neutral Label. Vinçotte is the independent audit organisation in charge of certifying your label on the certificate.

Why choose the Greentripper CO2 calculator?
Greentripper relies on the Bilan Carbone © approach of ADEME, which stands for Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de L’Energie, i.e. the Environment and Energy Management Agency in France. This semi-public organisation is recognised worldwide for their greenhouse gas emission calculation tool/method known by the name of Bilan Carbone ©. The ADEME is one of the pioneers for the calculation of greenhouse gases and the conversion into CO2 equivalent in accordance with the Global Warming Potential (GWP), i.e. the contribution to the greenhouse effect.

The teams of Greentripper and CO2logic can calculate the carbon footprint of your activities and travel with great precision, but that requires a great deal of information and data. We work with means and resources which are defined by the ADEME and accepted by the sector.
What impact does the CO2 offsets have on the Sustainable Development Goals?
By offsetting our CO2 emissions, we are also bolstering the Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries. More specifically, the climate projects with which CO2logic and Greentripper work are located in developing countries, thereby enabling the local populations to combine socio-economic development with the reduction of CO2 emissions on a global level.

Are your CO2 emissions offset by the European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS)?
No, not with Greentripper. The EU ETS has attributed a number of emission credits to industries with the highest CO2 emissions (equivalent to their emission objectives). If these industries emit more, they will have to buy back carbon credits. The EU ETS taxes a part of the CO2 emissions of intra-European flights, but this money is not used to offset the CO2. If you want to neutralise your emissions, you can opt for voluntary offsetting through Greentripper climate projects.