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We want to give back travel its place in nature by going beyond carbon contribution and co-creating extra-ordinary
solutions with travellers and travel professionals to generate social & environmental benefits.
Together we can start the travel transition !

About Greentripper

The Greentripper tool allows you to calculate the carbon footprint (CO2e ) of your trips, compare it to alternative transportation options, and contribute financially to climate projects. With Greentripper, you can take concrete actions towards sustainability by supporting certified climate projects in developing countries and sustainable climate initiatives in Europe.
The carbon contribution activities of Greentripper are audited by Forum Ethibel.

Greentripper also provides customized services to tourism professionals, including a comprehensive carbon assessment of their operations, CO2e-calculation of their travels, collaborative development of solutions to reduce their impact, and contributing to climate projects for remaining emissions.

Greentripper is an initiative by CO2logic, a Belgian organization among the pioneers in Europe, accompanying companies in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and develop certified climate projects to ensure high-quality.

Whether we travel for pleasure, leisure, or work, it's important to acknowledge our impact on the environment. Greentripper provides an opportunity to give back to nature and make a positive impact on our planet.
What does contributing to a climate project mean?

Contributing involves making a financial contribution to a climate project, either in a developing country or in Europe. Your contribution is used to finance initiatives that aim to reduce CO2e emissions equivalent to the amount emitted during your travel. This reduction in emissions would not be possible without your valuable support!

Thanks to our sister company, CO2logic, with over 15 years of experience, we offer you an excellent reputation in the development of climate projects and climate change consulting at an international level. We have and are constantly developing climate projects in collaboration with local NGOs in Uganda, Benin, Kenya, France, Belgium, and many more.
Greentripper values

  • Inspire change and start small - inspire travellers to change their way of travelling. Every challenge needs to be taken one step at a time.

  • Passion for solutions – the desire to drive change with passion and highlight solutions to start a sustainable movement.

  • Social entrepreneurship – taking care of our planet should go hand in hand with taking care of its people.

  • Dream beyond - become more creative in our travel ideas and replace the "why bother travelling sustainably" with "what if we travel differently".

  • Create with our community - each situation presents its own reality and frame of reference.We work hand in hand to find the right solution for everyone.