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The Good Life Goals

People around the world are becoming increasingly familiar with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Since the UN defined the SDGs in 2015, a broader conversation concerning environmental issues came to life. But how can we act, we as individuals?

To make it more practical, Futerra and its partners developed the Good Life Goals. These emojis translate the abstract SDGs into more tangible solutions on how to participate in making this world a better place. We decided to implement the Good Life Goals in our new campaign, to promote how you - yes, you! - can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals while travelling. Here are a few tips on how you can travel, more sustainably: 
  1. Share equipment when you can. Sharing your travel, camping and outdoor equipment is a great way to reduce your climate impact. By doing so, you basically share the emissions that are emitted by producing these materials. Tents, travel bags, camping stoves, sports equipment and many other things can usually be shared when used only once or a few times per year. You don’t only reduce the impact on the climate, but also the impact on your wallet. 

  2. Opt for eco-friendly activities. While travelling there is so much to do, and some activities might hurt the environment while others have a positive impact. Wildlife conservation, protection of natural habitats, helping local communities, or going for non-motorized sports are all examples of fun activities that help the environment instead of damaging it. When having to choose, try doing things with the least impact on the environment.

  3. Buy local and organic. One of the things you might want to consider while travelling are your eating habits. You can greatly reduce your climate impact by choosing for local, predominantly plant-based, and organic produce. Besides, you don’t only reduce your environmental impact; you also stimulate the local economy when buying local.

  4. Explore culture. What we mean by that is that we sometimes feel the urge to visit as many places as possible within the limited amount of time we have. By hopping from place to place, you increase your emissions due to the extra transportation. As an alternative, try and dive deep into local area and explore places and cultures in a more profound and meaningful way. You will most likely experience things you would not have while only scratching the surface of your destination.

  5. Choose your means of transport wisely. We use many types of transport while travelling; one might take the bus, the car, the train, or the plane, but not all these types of transportation emit the same amount of CO2e. Try making up the balance between climate impact, cost, travel time and convenience. And remember, slow travel might not seem as interesting as it sounds but prepare for some unexpected adventures when taking the long road. 
Going back to the Sustainable Development Goals: all the examples mentioned above hold one or more of the SDGs. When choosing to travel in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, you automatically reduce your climate impact.  The Good Life Goals allow everyone to play a role in building a better future: they suggest individual actions that everyone, everywhere, can take to contribute to the SDGs. 

Everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you, like us. – The United Nations 

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint for a better future. And together we can reach them. By following the Good Life Goals, we can all help make tomorrow better than today. Let’s do this!

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The Good Life Goals
mercredi 29 juillet 2020